Designing for User-Centered Privacy - UXSEA Summit 2019

Published on: Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Speaker: Venetia Tay, Head Of Audience Insights @ Mozilla

About the speaker

Venetia Tay is the Head of Audience Insights at Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind Firefox. Her focus is to understand their key consumer and developer audiences and be the authentic “voice of the user” in the organization. As a business strategist with a mixed methods research background, she focuses on research that delivers actionable insights to inspire and shape design, product development and brand/marketing strategy. Her previous experience includes side projects with Studio D Radiodurans and Senior Strategist at frog design, where she co-led the San Francisco design research practice.

Venetia began her career in Singapore and has worked with companies such as Banco de Oro (Philippines), OSIM International (Asia Pacific), The Ascott Group (Asia Pacific/Europe), Videocon (India), Ooreedo (Myanmar) and Proximity Design (Myanmar) to build brands, products and services.

Venetia loves to relak one corner and people watch while sipping a cup of teh si kao siew dai. In an alternate reality, she would have been an undersea explorer.

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