DevSecOps from Corporate internal auditor perspective - DevSecOps Singapore

Published on: Thursday, 26 May 2016

Speaker: Lim Pei Xin

DevSecOps means unavoidably crossing paths with an auditor at some point especially where the product is made for highly regulated business environments - Compliance can become a heart-wrenching hurdle to real progress. Is there real conflict or are opportunities for collaboration still waiting to be discovered?This will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion for everyone standing on both sides of the compliance wall.

About the speaker:

PeiXin is highly experienced in standards and compliance,she has lead auditor qualifications for business continuity, information security and quality management, trained in ITILv3 foundation , she is certified scrum master (CSM), BCM manager (CITBCM) . She is an advocate for the DevOps movement who used to implement and audit ISO standards for information security, business continuity and quality management over the past 10 years in traditional business environments. Now she focuses on integrating these fields of practice into DevSecOps.

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