Drupal site building for developer - PHPConf.Asia

Published on: Saturday, 27 August 2016

Speaker: S J

There are multiple ways to build sites in Drupal but only few are considered the Drupal Way™, and it can sometimes get quite opinionated. In the end, we need to balance between requirement, technical debt, scalability, maintainability, without sacrificing security and performance.

In this tutorial, we will go through Drupal site building from a developer's perspectives. It will cover:

1. Drupal Architectural Kata workshop, similar to the one we conducted in one of our past meetups.

2. Drupal site building.

3. Drupal configuration management.


- No Drupal knowledge is required.

- Bring your own laptop already installed with *AMP, Drupal 8, drush (I will update details on how to install).

About the speaker:

SJ eats, sleeps, and breathes Drupal. Since knowing Drupal in 2005, he has helped clients launch complex scalable platforms on Drupal. His knowledge and skills on system and large architecture design have made big complex sites like Singtel, I²R, XinMSN / Toggle manageable by a small team of people. He always strives for building platforms which help other people lead happier, more productive and more fulfilling lives. When he’s not busy with his family, he’s active in the Singapore Drupal community by organising meetups and workshops.

Event Page: https://2016.phpconf.asia

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