Employee Attrition Predictive Analysis - FOSSASIA Singapore OpenXLab Meetup

Published on: Thursday, 9 March 2017

Industrial Application of Data Science and Machine Learning on Employee Attrition Predictive Analysis

Speaker: Le Zhang

Employee Churn Predictive Analysis - This session will walk through an industry project that predicts employee churn through sentiment analysis. This is a real-world case that Microsoft Data Scientists had been working on, and has been deployed for real use. Through the practical case, we will share the methodologies, algorithms, techniques, tools used and the rational for such choices. Our Data Scientist will also share the R based data science solution accelerator that has been developed forboosting prototyping, documenting, and presenting R based data science projects, which can be of use in other projects. https://github.com/Microsoft/acceleratoRs/

About the speaker:

Le Zhang is Data Scientist from Microsoft. He is with the Algorithms and Data Science Asia Pacific team, where he develops tools for machine learning on cloud and reusable solution templates that accelerate the process of resolving data science problems in various domains. He holds Ph. D. degree in Computer Engineering and he is a vim lover.

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