Engineering Luck: Essential and Accidental Complexity at GOJEK - GopherCon SG 2019

Published on: Monday, 20 May 2019

Speaker: Sidu Ponnappa, GOJEK (@ponnappa)

The talk covers what is to me the most nuanced and difficult to apply concept in software engineering — distinguishing between essential and accidental complexity, and learning to mitigate the latter, while solving for the former.

About the speaker

Sidu Ponnappa is the Managing Director at GOJEK India. Sidu has founded three startups, the last being acquired by GOJEK in 2015. At GOJEK, he is responsible for setting up and scaling the India organisation before moving to head up Data Engineering. He also serves as a Director on the Board of GOJEK.

A hardcore technology enthusiast at heart, Sidu started coding when he was six and has since gone on to co-found 3 companies, launching 4 products. He has worked as an engineer, product manager, salesperson, recruiter, marketer, CTO and CEO. He has failed more times than he can count.

He is an avid motorcycle lover.

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