Ethereum and Javascript - what's the big deal? - JSConf.Asia 2018

Published on: Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dave Appleton @appletondave
Raman Shalupau @ksaitor

Ethereum is the wunderkid of the blockchain space. Decentralised Smart Contracts coupled with web3.js mean that you can integrate your distributed app with your front-end to improve your user experience.

Requirements: A notebook with chrome would be preferable. Good options to install would be parity and/or metamask as well as the usual tools.

Dave is the lead blockchain developer for HelloGold in Malaysia where he attempts to bring a better means of saving to those not well served by the finance industry. Between raising awareness of phishing attacks and scams, he spents his time as a programmer, hardware engineer and lecturer in Singapore and Malaysia.

Raman is a full-stack JavaScript consultant by day and entrepreneur by night. He’s been working with such companies like Redmart, Nugget, Cinarra, Smove and Load Impact. Currently he’s fascinated with the world of cryptocurrencies and playing with Solidity and Smart Contracts on Ethereum. He’s also a founder of Crypto Jobs List.

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Recorded by: Michael Cheng

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