Friday Hacks #115 - Diving Into Other People’s Code - NUS Hackers

Published on: Friday, 26 August 2016

Speaker: Li Haoyi

Working with a large, unfamiliar, legacy codebase is a large part of any professional software engineer’s job, but something you hardly learn in school. While you learn to design and write code in school, in a real job the majority of the work is in reading code. Other people’s code.

This talk will explore the tools and techniques you have digging into code which you didn’t write, don’t understand, and have never seen before in your life. I will take a large open-source codebase and demonstrate what techniques, tools and tricks you have in order to navigate make a meaningful change to such an unfamiliar project

Speaker Profile

Haoyi is an engineer on the Web Infra and Developer Tools team who joined Dropbox after graduating in 2013. He likes functional programming and is the one person at Dropbox writing Scala full-time.

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