From higher profits to higher purpose - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

From higher profits to higher purpose, how technology may eventually enhance our humanity?

Speaker: Maud Lhuillier & Anne-Isabelle De Gentile (Passerelles numériques)

Maud live in Cambodia. She is the Asia Director at Passerelles numériques, a Non Profit Organisation supporting underserved Youth of Southeast Asia through IT Education.

She is a true believer in building bridges and connecting worlds, and a true lover of the regions, people, culture and wonders of Asia.

Anne-Isabelle is External Relations Manager at Passerelles numériques.
Some life challenges in her very young age made her realise how lucky she had been and taught her that we are not all equal in terms of opportunities. She believes promoting access to quality education is a powerful way to give everyone the chance they deserve. From a marketing background in retail in France to fundraising in Asia for underprivileged youths has been quite a journey. Although in the end it is all about understanding expectations and supporting the projects you care for!

From higher profits to higher purpose, how technology may eventually enhance our humanity?

In times when AI and automation affect the way we learn and work; in times when everybody has a stake in societal issues which gain immediate exposure through globalised communications and a growing sense of common responsibility; in times when Millenials and the Generation Z make their mark in the professional world, striving for personal happiness, enriching and creative professional experiences as well as boundaryless assignments. In these times, corporates are aware of the revolution ahead of them, questioning the way they attract, train, retain talent, questioning their role and contribution to society, questioning the very core of their “raison d’etre”. And while developments in the area of AI and automation will render millions of jobs obsolete in the future, they will not replace the “human factor.” AI cannot understand information it is not already aware of, it cannot ask previously un-conceptualised questions. Michiko Kaku has spoken at lengths about “intellectual capitalism” including activities that are uniquely human and cannot be performed by robots. These soft skills need to be nurtured and we believe an inclusive, corporate-NGO-led approach to be the way forward.

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