From Javascript to Haskell : Functional Programming made simple - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Xavier Detant / Laurent Maillet (ZENIKA)

Did you ever had a colleague that said «Well, it’s simple. I just used a partial application on that curried function using higher order functions and closures» ? Did you understand anything ? If not, then that talk is what you are looking for.

Functional programming uses a lot of concepts that are familiar to mathematicians. And that’s scary ! But, applied to computing, it’s actually pretty simple !

While live coding a refactoring that transforms a imperative code to a functional one, main concepts of functional programming will be introduced when necessary and explained deeply.

At the end of this talk, you will understand these key concepts :

- Referential transparency
- Functions as first class citizens
- Higher order functions
- Closures
- Lambda calculus
- Currying
- Partial application
- Function composition
- «Point-free» notation

Xavier Detant is co-organiser of the Software Craftsmanship Community of Paris and the SoCraTes France Unconference, knowledge sharing is at the heart of my mindset. In love with functional programming and beautiful code, enjoying doing and explaining code made me a passionate crafter.

Laurent Maillet is a full-stack developer working at Zenika and interested in all processes involved for the development of application. He has worked with Java 8, Spring, Go, Angular 2, React, Docker, etc.. He also teaches training courses such as Angular 2 and React and give talks about web, JAVA and best practices in development such as TDD.