From Zero to Forex Trading Bot Hero with Node.js and Typescript- SingaporeJS

Published on: Thursday, 11 April 2019

Speaker: Daniele Polencic

During this talk, you will discover Daniele's journey building a trading bot. From building a basic prototype in Typescript to using functional programming techniques to trade autonomously across multiple foreign exchanges and generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

By the end of the talk you will learn:

the basics of financial trading platforms from a developer's perspective (APIs/concepts/terminology)
how you can use the skills you've gained building full stack applications to write trading software
how static typing and Typescript can speed up your workflow
how functional programming can help you refine your trading algorithms and verify the correctness of your program
Daniele Polencic is a technical consultant for and certified training partner for Kubernetes and the Linux Foundation. Daniele is a passionate proponent for Javascript programming, and consults with startups when he is not coding himself.

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