Gophers Meetup - Sep 2019 - GoSG

Published on: Monday, 30 September 2019


Hello Gophers! Announcing the Go Programming Language Sep 2019 meetup!

Talks for the night:
7pm "Concurrency in Data Streaming Pipeline" - by Gentur

Data Pipelining is a common term used when a data is “moved” from one data
source to another. During this moving process, we may want to do things with it,
such as transforming into another data structure, or filtering some of the data.

One commonplace requirement of the data streaming pipeline is that we need to
maintain the order for particular data from the beginning until the end. Take,
for example, when we want to make a replica of our database into a cache by
tracking the data changes in the database.

This talk will cover how we create a high-performance data pipeline in Golang
that maintains the order in which the data came up until the receiving end by
leveraging concurrency.

8pm "Building your web service into one binary file" - by Jay

Go applications are easily deployed because they are statically compiled. But it
is tedious to manage many static assets (images, etc) that are needed in a web
service. One solution is to compile the necessary files into a binary. Jay will
share about using the go-bindata library (
[]) to build a single binary file that
contains the server and website. And finally, how we dockerize it and deploy to
a server.

Venue & Food Sponsor:
Shopee Singapore

About our speakers:
Gentur Waskito T joined Shopee in 2018. He enjoys working at Shopee as a place
to learn and grow together with the Shared Service Team.

Jay (Yen-Chieh) is a software developer at Nulab’s office in NYC. He is part of
the Cacoo team and works primarily with Java and Go. He recently helped to
migrate Cacoo website's backend rendering system to the Golang-based Gin

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