Hackatron Asia: Throw out those Servers, Bring in the Cloud!

Published on: Sunday, 7 December 2014

Presented at Hackatron Asia 2014 (http://hackatron.techinasia.com)

Hosted by SoftLayer

One of the biggest challenges for startups, no matter how brilliant the idea or, how innovative the app, is dealing with the technical side of business. Not only are you expected to get that out-of-the-box idea, plan for it, seek investors for it but you also have to seek the right technical infrastructure to take it to the masses. Well, who says you have to be technical to get that business off the ground. With everything on the cloud all you need to know about IT systems is click, point, order – and hey presto, your systems are up and running in minutes and hours, not days and months!

Attend the cloud workshop where the speaker shows how you can build your own cloud in minutes and get access to the latest technologies without having to empty out your pockets. Also, hear stories of startups from Indonesia, Asia and the globe who have built their businesses on the cloud and rapidly grown to cater to their consumer demands

Produced by Engineers.SG

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