High(er) Reliability Software Patterns for Go - GopherCon SG 2019

Published on: Monday, 20 May 2019

Speaker: Junade Ali, Cloudflare (@IcyApril)

Software reliability is often neglected, but is increasingly important. This talk discusses why certain high-reliability software engineering practices exist and how they can be implemented in Go. This talk features real world software failures and describes how such instances can be prevented.

About the speaker

Junade Ali is a British computer scientist with specialist knowledge of computer security, distributed systems and software design. His software engineering experience has varied from being the lead developer of the then largest digital agency in the UK (by headcount) to developing software for embedded systems used in mission critical road safety applications.

Currently, Junade holds the position of Lead Support Operations Engineer at Cloudflare and is working part-time on a PhD in theoretical computer science.

Event Page: https://2019.gophercon.sg