Integrating with DBS Open Banking APIs - API Craft Singapore

Published on: Tuesday, 16 October 2018


DBS Innovation Group and API Craft Singapore are teaming up to show you how to:
- Access over 200 APIs to help your customers complete their jobs to be done
- Experiment and test new features in DBS’s secure API sandbox

This is an opportunity for both internal DBS developers and the wider API Craft community to understand how DBS is embracing the challenges of creating a developer experience, coordination across multiple departments, scaling their back-end infrastructure, managing risk and complying with regulations.

You will learn about DBS’s partner developer process:
- Sign-up: Sign up for a developer’s account
- Experiment: Use the sandbox to experiment with the APIs
- Build for Real: Request production access for your app and go live!

- DBS Open Banking journey
- Open APIs, their features and uses
- Sandbox features, worked example using the Parties API: retrieval of a user’s DBS profile
- How it works: Outline of the security, testing and governance processes from Sign-up - Experiment - Build-for-Real (gaining production access)

Useful background reading:
DBS Developers Portal:

Event Page:

Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Michael Cheng

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