Intro to Unit Testing in Golang

Published on: Wednesday, 21 July 2021

This event is brought to you by Go Singapore. GoSG is a meetup for the Go programming enthusiasts in Singapore.

Name: Utkarsh Mani Tripathi (Software Engineer, JFrog)
Topic: Profiling Golang REST API

In this talk, Utkarsh will discuss the various unit testing techniques, tips, and tricks in Golang to improve the development lifecycle and make code look cleaner. He will also brief about his experience with the behavior-driven tests and share his learnings while working with the Ginkgo framework.

Utkarsh Mani Tripathi is a maintainer of openebs/jiva project and has contributed to building both the control and data plane of OpenEBS. He is an open-source contributor and loves to learn about file-system, distributed systems, and networking. Currently, he is responsible for developing features in Conan center and other community projects at JFrog


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