Is it done yet? (How about now?) - YOW! Nights + GovTech StackX Meetup

Published on: Monday, 5 August 2019

Speaker: Michele Playfair, Executive Director, YOW!

No matter how utopian your agile working environment, if you're building a commercial product, at some stage you will be asked the inevitable question - When will it be done? This talk will provide you with tools and techniques to use when you hear your manager say "We just need to get better at estimating". If you have ever wished for a crystal ball to help you predict the team's future, this talk is for you!

About the speaker:

Michele is a consummate software development generalist, having successfully performed in roles ranging from pre-sales and business analysis, through design, development and testing, to training/coaching and production support. She is also a qualified high school I.T. teacher. Having started her career as a consultant on large scale retail banking implementations for major US and NZ banks, and then working within Agile product development environments, these days Michele is focused on continuous improvement through education. She gets excited about learning, teaching and using collaboration for the greater good.

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