Java is Very Fast, If You Don't Create Too Many Objects - Singapore Java User Group

Published on: Monday, 10 October 2022

Speaker: Peter Lawrey

This talk will be based on one of speaker's remarkably popular article
While Java Developers are familiar with the impact of GC pauses, they may not realise that allocating object could be sapping throughput by 10x or more the GC cost esp for very short-lived objects.

Examples from real life will be discussed during the session. Such as, event messaging rates of 4 million events per minute on a single machine in Java, and the impact of creating just one small object per event makes.

== Speaker
Peter has an advisory role in the design of the trading systems that either manages over $1 tn in assets or over $1 tn/month in notional flow.
Peter was the main contributor to Chronicle Software's (OpenHFT) OSS libraries, supporting millions of persisted messages per second at consistent single digits microsecond latencies in shared memory between processes/docker containers. Our open-source software gets over 4 million downloads a month.
In terms of interests, Peter is a Java Champion with over 13K answers on StackOverflow and has given technical presentations in over a dozen countries. His blog has had over 4 million views.

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