Java Puzzlers NG: The strange, the bizarre, and the wonderful - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Baruch Sadogursky (JFROG)

Not sure about you, but working with the latest versions Java made me lose all of my hair and most of my sleep (or was it the jet lag?). If you still haven’t reached the level of Brian Goetz in mastering lambdas and strings, this session is for you. And if you think you have, here’s some bad news for you: you should attend as well. You’ll see some surprising, bizarre, and inconceivable parts of the latest versions of Java, so you won’t be (too) surprised when they hit you in production. Like any other puzzlers session, this one consists lots of puzzling questions, answers from the audience, t-shirts flying around, and a lot of fun—all for one purpose: to make you understand the latest versions of Java better.

Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate at JFrog. His passion is speaking about technology. Well, speaking in general, but doing it about technology makes him look smart, and 17 years of hi-tech experience sure helps. When he’s not on stage (or on a plane to get there), he learns about technology, people and how they work, or more precisely, don’t work together.

He is a CNCF ambassador, Developer Champion, and a professional conference speaker on DevOps, Java and Groovy topics, and is a regular at the industry’s most prestigious events including JavaOne (where he was awarded a Rock Star award), DockerCon, Devoxx, DevOps Days, OSCON, Qcon and many others. His full speaker history is available on Lanyrd:

You can follow him @jbaruch on Twitter.