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Published on: Friday, 4 December 2015

Speaker: Kelvin Lim, Founder of Executive Coach International

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Kelvin is the founder of the largest coaching organization in Singapore. Kelvin, who has been coaching professionally since 1997, became Southeast Asia’s first Master Certified Coach (ICF) in 2005.

Described as an energetic, fun and determined coach, Kelvin has inspired over 20,000 people to develop their true potential all over the world. After moving to the US to explore coaching, He was blown away by his experience and wanted to bring coaching back to Singapore. Hence, he founded Executive Coach International, making it the only coach training organization in Asia to be awarded the ACTP (ICF) and ISO 9001:2008.

Throughout the years, Kelvin has focused his efforts on championing coaching, humanitarian campaigns and business innovation, with the last earning him a nomination for the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2009 for Excellence in Entrepreneurial Endeavour and Spirit. Kelvin was also a board member of Culture Project in New York City, and sponsored the 64th UN Day Concert in UN Headquarters.

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