Kevin Flanagan - Fuckup Nights - Singapore, Vol. II

Published on: Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Speaker: Kevin Flanagan

Kevin Flanagan started as a bank teller at 17, but got bored and became a programmer, then a fixed income trader, then an MBA, then a Risk Manager (built a team & system that eventually exited for +S$100m), and finally Head of Global IT Development for an investment bank. He got bored again and left to join a startup which grew spectacularly, exited, and rolled up into another startup. That trainwrecked... so he joined another startup as chairman, raised 5m Euros VC, did a Masters in AI, tried to startup a supercomputer manufacturer but couldn't get traction, and started a Big Data consultancy but before the market was ready. He's now in Singapore and working on his sixth startup, in workflow. In summary, he's a hybrid problem solver with deep technical skills, good business acumen, and perhaps a penchant for seeing things a little too early and getting bored waiting.


Fuckup Nights is a global movement to share business failure stories in a candid, irreverent way -- Fuckup Nights (FUN) was born in Mexico in 2012. It’s grown a hundred fold since.

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