Kubernetes Chaos Engineering: Lessons Learned in Networking - Singapore Kubernetes User Group

Published on: Thursday, 28 March 2019

Speaker: Daniele Polencic - Instructor, Learnk8s

When you deploy an application in Kubernetes, your code ends up running on one or more worker nodes. A node may be a physical machine or VM such as AWS EC2 or Google Compute Engine and having several of them means you can run and scale your application across instances efficiently. When there is an incoming request, the cluster routes the traffic to one of the nodes using a network proxy. But what happens when network proxy crashes? Does the cluster still work? Can Kubernetes recover from the failure?
In this talk, you'll learn how the traffic is distributed within a Kubernetes cluster and what happens when the network proxy is misbehaving.

About the Speaker

Daniele is a technical consultant and instructor based in London and Singapore. Daniele is a certified Kubernetes administrator by the Linux Foundation. In the last decade, Daniele trained developers for companies in the e-commerce, finance and public sector.

Slides: http://bit.ly/2UiIAmp

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Kubernetes-User-Group/events/259921744/

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Recorded by: Michael Cheng

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