Kubernetes for the konfused, a strategy toolkit for normals - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Michael Cote (PIVOTAL)

What exactly should you do with kubernetes? When it comes to running kubernetes, there’s a matrix of options: running your own instance or using a distribution, how you fill in the missing parts and customizing it, choosing to run in private cloud or public cloud, bringing your own kubernetes to a public cloud or using the instances sold by the providers, what PaaS you’ll run on-top of the cluster to actually run your software, using kubernetes for legacy or just green field applications, who in your organization will manager your cluster and who won’t…or maybe you’re supposed to just “leapfrog” all of this and go “serverless,” whatever that means.

The options are delightfully numerous! Of course, going through this exercise assumes you even have the problems kubernetes is trying to solve, but how would figure that out?

This talk will address these questions, and, using case studies of success – and failure! – provide you with a toolkit for putting together your kubernetes strategy…if you actually need one.

Michael Coté works at Pivotal on the advocate team. He’s been an industry analyst at RedMonk and 451 Research, worked in corporate strategy and M&A at Dell in software and cloud, and was a programmer for a decade before all that. He does several weekly (mostly) tech podcasts, writes a column on Agile & DevOps for The Register, blogs at Cote.io, and is @cote in Twitter.