Leading a boss-less organization - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Hugo Messer (Ekipa)

Entrepreneur & Distributed Team Specialist Hugo Messer has been building and managing agile teams around the world for over 10 years. His passion is to enable people that are spread across cultures, geography and time zones to cooperate. The past years, his main focus has been on Agile: from scrum to business agility and distributed agile. Scrum is a central part of Hugo’s story, he’s a certified scrum professional (CSP) and certified scrum master (CSM). His software company Bridge Global has recently gone through an agile transformation. Hugo is currently building Ekipa . Ekipa is an agile agency, offering training and coaching. Hugo currently lives in Bali.

Leading a boss-less organization

In this talk, I will share my experiments with different levels of ‘self organization without bosses’. In my first company Bridge, we originally organized in a more traditional way and ended up creating layers of hierarchy. 3 years ago we realized this was the wrong path. Since 2016, we have started changing the structure, removing the C-level roles and moving towards self organized teams. Today, almost all functions are ‘executed’ by self organized teams. We don’t have any C-title except the CEO. In my new company, Ekipa, I have applied the Teal principles and in the past 2 years we have experimented with all of the principles. Some things worked, some didn’t. I will share what we did during the talk.

Event Website: https://voxxeddays.com/singapore/