Lessons from coding a old-new app: Slack for Win 3.1 - Junior Developers Singapore

Published on: Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Speaker: Yeo Kheng Meng

I built a Win 3.1 app during a company hackathon.

Without the benefit of modern libraries and languages, I had to read up and take care of many low level details, socket programming, HTTP, JSON parsing, UI design in code all under tight memory constraints. Nevertheless, it was a terrific lesson in understanding how things work under the hood.

I'll share my learnings and process for how an old-new app can be created with the aid of modern tools and hindsight of old technologies. And perhaps what lessons can it offer us today.


It was Number 1 on Hacker news for a few hours! :)

I work as an IoT Engineer as SP Digital in the day. Outside of work, I like to repair things and fly private planes for fun. Occasionally, I dabble with retrocomputing stuff.


Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/Junior-Developers-Singapore/events/267507133/

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Recorded by: Michael

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