Leza Parker - Startup Asia Women

Published on: Friday, 29 September 2017

Speaker: Leza Parker, CEO of Spendless Cosmetics Beauty Network Pte Ltd

Leza Parker is the CEO of Spendless Cosmetics Beauty Network Pte Ltd, a business registered in Singapore but operating in six countries including Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and India. The idea came about as a tech platform that connect cosmetics and beauty suppliers, with affliates and resellers using the power of internet marketing to bring monetary benefits to both the suppliers and resellers.

Leza has invested in many companies throughout the last five years from various industries including baking, fashion, consultancy, education, beauty and more. Leza has appeared in multiple features in media. She has also contributed articles to business magazines and portals. She has lectured at several universities, spokesperson for several institutions, mentor over 40 start ups in Singapore, wrote and published books and educated hundreds of entrepreneurs through her seminars. Here are some of her achievements.


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