Machine Learning for Spoken Dialogue Systems - TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore

Published on: Thursday, 21 June 2018

Speaker: Matthew Henderson

Matt's background is in statistical methods for conversational language understanding. He leads the Singapore branch of PolyAI, a spin-out from Steve Young's lab at Cambridge University where he did his PhD. PolyAI is building a machine learning platform for spoken dialogue.
After his PhD, he worked on neural network methods for speech synthesis with Heiga Zen at Google Research London, before moving to Ray Kurzweil's language understanding group at Google Research in Mountain View. There he was technical lead for the Smart Reply research team, inventing a new method of modelling email response suggestion that allowed scaling the feature from Inbox to all of GMail. He was the principal data scientist at Carousell, where he launched image caption and category suggestion, chat reply and question answering features. ( )

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