Magento in the age of 2 - PHPConf.Asia 2016

Published on: Sunday, 28 August 2016

Speaker: Ben Marks (@benmarks)

Magento, the powerful open-source commerce powerhouse behind 150k stores and $50B in commercial volume per year, is in its second major version. This talk presents the current state of Magento tech, community around it, and resources to get going.

About the speaker:

Ben is a voting representative in the PHP FIG and has more than 10 years in open source commerce working with some of the biggest brands. He serves as an educator and mentor for Magento, having trained hundreds of developers directly as well as thousands of others through the Magento U Fundamentals series. He's always excited to meet other developers to talk about and learn from the challenges and successes of building successful commercial sites with PHP.

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