Marketing Automation Solutions To Power Up Your WordPress Website - WordCamp Singapore 2019

Published on: Monday, 19 August 2019

Speaker: Afshana Diya

There are a lot of repetitive tasks that you have to take care on a daily basis while handling your growing customer base. And users expect to get personalized customer experience which is almost impossible to provide if you are doing it manually.

Using a handful of marketing automation tools, you can automate your marketing efforts, save times and increase overall conversion rates. I will share the most effective automation solutions that helped me to increased productivity and power up WordPress website.

About the speaker

Afshana Diya is Digital Strategist & CMO of WPDeveloper where she is helping the company to accelerate growth and maximize conversion rates.

Prior to her current position, she has worked with a couple of WordPress brands to get results by changing the way they use their digital channels.

Along with the digital world, she lives to explore the beauty of nature and travel around somewhere you have loved or probably a very remote place where you have never been to.

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