Mechatronics TRYBOTS - One Maker Group Tech Talk

Published on: Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Speaker: Nao Kondo

19 yr old Nao Kondo (JAPAN), co-founder of TRYBOTS, came to us last year to talk about her plans to make life-like bionic underwater penguin robots. This year, armed with a working prototype, she comes back to Singapore to showcase her robot design!


We are a team making animal robots. All of the five members in it are 20 years old. Now we are making an underwater penguin robot "MORUPEN"and actually we made it swim with real penguins. Why can penguins swim so fast only with flapping their wings? Our First mission is to solve this question. We are developing it to make it close to the real penguin. The second mission is deploying underwater robot as a service robot. The flipping system is more safety and not tangled than screw system. So we believe underwater animal robot will succeed in places where duty and sharing with human.


While in high school, Kondo founded the group with five teenage designers that developed a diving and swimming robot penguin, Morupen!, In 2013, Morupen! won an underwater robot competition, in the open segment, sponsored by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. She is is currently studying robotics at elite Keio University, where she is a member of the aeronautics club and recently she got glider licence

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