Microservices - The End of Software Design - Ole Bulbuk

Published on: Tuesday, 8 December 2020

This event is brought to you by Go Singapore. GoSG is a meetup for the Go programming enthusiasts in Singapore.

Name: Ole Bulbuk
Topic: Microservices - The End of Software Design

In the old days we had only monoliths and the internal structure could vary.
That was the domain of software design but it often failed us and we got spaghetti code. Modern microservices often contain only around 100 lines of business functionality and so software design is irrelevant. Unfortunately the price for this is spaghetti architecture that is even harder to fight than spaghetti code.

This talks shows a middleway that avoids both pitfalls and introduces a tool for the Go programming language that helps to prevent spaghetti code.

Ole Bulbuk is a back-end engineer since the nineties. He has been working for many companies big and small and seen many projects fail or succeed.
Currently, he loves to be part of the vibrant startup life in Berlin.
In his spare time he is co-organising the Berlin chapter of GDG Golang,
develops open source software and enjoys time with his family.


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