Minishift: Openshift Origin at your desk - Praveen Kumar - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Sunday, 19 March 2017

Speaker(s): Praveen Kumar (Puna)

Minishift is built on top of libmachine and uses the `oc cluster up` functionality to set up Openshift Origin on your local machine in seconds, so that you can simply focus on developing your containerized applications. It is easily available on github and runs on native, host hypervisor (xhyve, kvm, Hyper-V). In this session we’ll show you how to easily run Minishift and develop your application for OpenShift, using CLI.-'ll learn: - How to configure your development environment.- How to make your development teams ready to work on containers. - No matter what desktop solution you're using—Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or any other Linux variant—your container development can be enabled with Minishift.

(Type: Talk | Track: DevOps | Room: Dalton Hall (Floor 3))

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