Modernize application development with highly scalable architecture using Docker & Azure cloud

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Nilesh Gule (CREDIT AGRICOLE)

Running single container using Docker is very easy. This talk will demonstrate the power of Docker-Compose to build a multi-container app which scales using cloud infrastructure. Along the way we will see power of containers to handle multiple scenarios including persistant storage, event based architecture for decoupling different parts of the system. Docker Swarm will be used to demonstrate how we can optimize infrastructure usage with containers. Adding business dashboard using Elastic Search and a Grafana dashboard for technical monitoring would help to measure the performance and monitoring aspect of the distributed system.

Nilesh is a highly skilled software professional with a decade & half experience in designing & developing solutions across Finance, Retail & Healthcare industries. He likes to explore technology. He is currently getting his hands dirty with DevOps practices and containers. When not thinking & talking about technology, he likes to spend time watching the game of cricket.