Offloading services from WordPress to outer services - WordCamp Singapore 2016

Published on: Monday, 12 September 2016

Offloading services from WordPress to outer services, such as Google and AWS

Speaker: Shinichi Nishikawa

To serve high traffic blogs, media websites, and e-commerce shops, it is vital to configure WordPress and server setting.

A lot of people tend to have their cache, calculation, and most of other complicated things inside WordPress or on their server stack. Doing everything on WordPress works well on smaller scale websites, but when the traffic and the size of the sites grow, it is not easy to keep them stable at a reasonable cost.

My partner Digital Cube and I have worked with big clients, offering scalable and stable hosting. Our primary strategy is not doing everything inside WordPress or our web server, but utilizing Amazon Web Services and Google platforms to cache pages, to serve assets with CDNs, to calculate related posts, backup everything.

WordPress will do what WordPress is good at, leaving other services to do what they are good at. When we do this way, the total cost stays low.

To achieve this, you need to know what the external services are, how they work, and haw we can configure WordPress and services to work smoothly together. We have created and open sourced a lot of configuration, automation scripts, and WordPress plugins to get this work.

I’d like to share the basic ideas and what the audience need to do to get the same themselves.

About the speaker:

Shinichi Nishikawa is a huge fan of WordPress. He has organized and spoken at WordPress meetups in Japan, Laos and Bangkok, and was the lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2012.

He also contributes to the WordPress project by writing books, releasing free WordPress plugins on the repository, reviewing WordPress themes, and by helping with translation.

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