PHP 7 Compliance Workshop - PHPConf.Asia

Published on: Saturday, 27 August 2016

Speaker: Damien Seguy (@exakat)

Everyone must migrate to PHP 7, take advantage of exceptional performances, cut half their hardware and enjoy the best of PHP ever. This workshop is for everyone that is still stuck with PHP 5, and wants to review his million LOC project before jumping to PHP 7.

When migrating, we need to check old code and target only the interesting issues. This session will connect the backward incompatibilities and new features to actual location in the code, relying on static analysis to process quickly large code base. Based on the accumulated experience of the tools and our own, we'll review the issues, diagnose criticality, select the best fixes and prioritize the tasks. All tools are Open Source, and ready to be integrated into your project life.

About the speaker:

Damien Seguy is CTO at Exakat Ltd., a company specialized in PHP code quality solutions for the industry. He leads the development of the exakat static analysis engine, that automatically review code for version compatibility, security and clear code. Over the last 17 years Damien has contributed to PHP, as documentation author, elephpant breeder, conference UFO on all continents. He also enjoys gremlin, 狮子头 and camembert.

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