PHP 'Bolt' in Nano Server on Hyper-V on Your Laptop or Azure Cloud - PHPConf.Asia 2016

Published on: Sunday, 28 August 2016

Speaker: Riza Marhaban (@rizamarhaban)

Most PHP runs on Linux server, however there is a new kid from the cloud. A millennial and disruptive server technology coming your PHP way. It’s the Nano Server, who some say “was born in the cloud”, designed for performance, lightning ‘Bolt’ fast, smaller resource footprint and still able to function the same as the Windows Server heavy workload. This talk will show you how to setup the Nano Server on your laptop or on the cloud.

About the speaker:

Riza Marhaban is a Microsoft Technical/Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Singapore. Riza is a long time 20+ years as developer and software solution architect. He is the co-founder of .NET Developers Community and Azure Community Singapore. He also loves and uses Open Source Software solution. He is a speaker and a trainer. He always believe that no matter what, there is no super-mega-full-stack solution in software development.

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