PHP FIG: Helping communities work together - PHPConf.Asia 2016

Published on: Sunday, 28 August 2016

Speaker: Michael Cullum (@michaelcullumuk)

Beginning with PSR-0, the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP FIG) has been producing standards for PHP for almost 7 years now and now can boast a complement over a dozen specifications in progress or complete. Its goal is to make your life, as a developer, easier, whether that be through providing a common coding style guide to reduce cognitive friction or interfaces for interoperability. This has not always been easy, but slowly and gradually the FIG is stamping down boundaries between projects and people in the name of interoperability, cohesion and collaboration. Join me for a tale of how the FIG has grown, and continues to grow, whilst trying to bring the PHP community together.

About the speaker:

Michael Cullum is a backend PHP developer from the UK, working particularly with Symfony, and has been for about nine years. He is an official team member and member of the management team at phpBB where he has been a contributor for over half a decade. More recently he founded the new PHP Surrey User Group and joined the organising team of the PHP South Coast Conference. Michael is passionate about open source software and is an advocate of modern development principles & methods, open source project co-operation, and the active development of standards. He is actively involved in the PHP FIG previously as editor of PSR 12 and he now runs the administration of the FIG as the PHP FIG Secretary.

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