Progressive Web Applications - The best of both worlds (App & Web) - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Ritesh / Noorulameen (CREDIT SUISSE)

- Why do we need PWA?
- What Makes a Good PWA?
- Building Blocks of PWA
- Service Worker
- Web App Manifest
- Let’s build a sample PWA
- Step by Step instructions for creating a sample PWA
- Demo
- How does PWA matches to Native Apps?
- Success Stories
- Ali Express
- Flipkart (India’s largest e-commerce site)
- Twitter
- Forbes
- The Washington Post


Noorulameen works as Front End Development Lead in Credit Suisse. His areas of interest are Progressive Web Applications, ReactJS, Redux, HTML5 and Micro Front End. Progressive Web Applications are relatively a new area and he strongly believes this will be the future of mobile applications. He is an early adaptor of PWA and would like to use this opportunity to bring awareness amongst the developer community about PWA and it is potential.

He is co-founder of an active meetup group “TechTalks” (around 1200 members) where talks are conducted every month on a variety of topics. He enjoys speaking on latest developments and best practices in the front end development. Noorulameen has conducted a popular Live Coding session on “Introduction to React” in the meetup group “TechTalks”.

Ritesh Mehrotra

As a keen web developer, Ritesh has experimented with multiple web development frameworks and tools. The idea of platform neutral responsive web apps has long drawn my interest and reflects in my work.

The evolution of PWA has enriched the idea and we are closer than ever to experience a web app with all benefits of native. I feel excited to share my learning on it.

Progressive Web Applications leverages success of web and native mobile application. Your application can be downloaded and launched without going through the hassle of App Store / Android Store. It reduces the friction of application distribution process by leveraging the success of web. You can just click on a link to download and launch an application and at the same time can have native application features such as an icon in the home screen, app like look and feel, push notification and offline usage. It is a combination of best of both worlds.