Reactive Systems with Eclipse Vert.x and Kubernetes - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Clement Escoffier (Red Hat)

Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit to create reactive distributed and polyglot applications on the Java Virtual Machine. Vert.x is incredibly flexible – whether it’s simple network utilities, sophisticated modern web applications, REST services, high volume event processing or a full-blown back-end message-bus application, Vert.x is a great fit and has demonstrated huge benefits in production. There is another domain where Vert.x shines: scalable microservice systems. Vert.x applications are not traditional applications: they are reactive. A Vert.x application is responsive, elastic, resilient and uses asynchronous messaging saving resources and handling a huge level of concurrency.

When using a Cloud platform, your Vert.x application is generally packaged as a single Jar file. In this talk, we will demonstrate how Vert.x leverages Openshift capabilities to let you build a microservice system. Once your jar has been pushed, Vert.x takes care of most of the burden: service discovery, resilience, clustering, load-balancing, rolling updates and so on.

This session demonstrates how the combination of Vert.x and Openshift make the development, deployment, and management of microservices burdenless. It’s a slide-less session… pure live coding.

Clement Escoffier (@clementplop) is a principal software engineer at Red Hat.

He had several professional lives, from academic positions to management. Currently, he is mainly working as a Vert.x core developer.

He has been involved in projects and products touching many domains and technologies such as OSGi, mobile app development, continuous delivery, DevOps… His main area of interest is software engineering, so processes, methods, tools that make the development of software more efficient and also more fun. Clement is an active contributor to many open source projects such as Apache Felix, iPOJO, Wisdom Framework, and obviously, Eclipse Vert.x.