Recommendation Systems / Engines with TensorFlow - Google Cloud Platform User Group Singapore

Published on: Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Speaker: Karthik M Swamy (@krtk)

Recommender Systems / Recommendation Engines - matching right products to right people

Businesses often have the problem of suggesting items to their users due to a large number of items and transaction data. Such suggestions, or recommendations, are paramount to increasing visibility of products, thus leading to more sales, while reducing the information overload on users, making navigation of the items easier. In this talk, we will discuss successful strategies and develop hands-on, a simple recommender system using TensorFlow and Python.

All the code for this talk will be made available on a GitHub repository, the link for which will be shared closer to the date of the meetup. This talk will assume basic knowledge of machine learning, TensorFlow and Python. Audiences are highly recommended to test the code to get a high-level understanding of what to expect from the talk.

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