Scaling at Large - Lessons learned rewriting Instagram’s feed - iOS Conf SG 2016

Published on: Sunday, 23 October 2016

Speaker: Ryan Nostrom (@_ryannystrom), Facebook

Earlier this year, Instagram released a rewritten newsfeed on iOS. When rebuilding its feed, the team undertook a huge refactor of its most-used feature, all while other teams were actively working on it. From this refactor, they learned a lot about how to build a highly-performant and stable feed, and through this work built a new open source project called IGListKit.

Come learn about how and why the Instagram team took on rewriting their iOS feed from the bottom up, see what it takes to ship a successful refactor, and learn about their new open source project being released.

About the speaker

Ryan is a lead iOS engineer at Instagram working on app infrastructure in New York City. He is an avid open source advocate and contributor at Facebook on projects like AsyncDisplayKit.

Ryan is also an author and presenter with publishing work on the Apple Watch, 3D Touch, and Reactive Cocoa.

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