Scaling Infrastructure at Carousell - Carousell TechTalk

Published on: Thursday, 12 January 2017


- Harshad Rotithor, Principal Software Engineer, Carousell
- Ankur Shrivastava, Senior Software Engineer, Carousell

About the Topic

Learn how Carousell manages infrastructure to support sustained growth, high levels of uptime, and a variety of use cases.

- The journey so far
- Cloud migration
- How we manage configuration for hundreds of servers
- A deployment pipeline that allows quick deployments and rollbacks
- Adoption of new technology such as Kubernetes for smoother deployments and management
- How we manage all data stores in-house with no 3rd-party help in the entire transactional flow.
- Monitoring: our eyes and ears into hundreds of our servers
- How all of the above was put into practice to execute a successful flash sale.

About The Speakers

Harshad Rotithor is Carousell's Principal Software Engineer and leads the Infrastructure team at Carousell. Prior to Carousell, Harshad worked on scaling large-scale infrastructure at Flipkart, Airpush and Zynga.

Ankur Shrivastava is our Senior Software Engineer in the Infrastructure team and leads our adoption of Kubernetes. Ankur spent 8 years prior to Carousell at Flipkart, Amazon, Zynga and Microsoft.

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