Securing Singapore with Augmented Reality: a pandemic-proof prototype - GeekcampSG 2020

Published on: Sunday, 4 October 2020

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PlantAR is an AR application for securing our National Critical Infrastructures in COVID19. The talk and live demo will share the best practices learned about designing pandemic-proof teleoperation software through the lens of a hobby project in an operational Cyber-Physical Systems testbed.

Marcus is an undergraduate at SUTD and has taken several large projects: Augmented Reality application designs for the purpose of securing Critical Infrastructures in Singapore, and under the guidance of Siddhant Shrivastava, fellow research assistant from iTrust (SUTD).

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Q: How easy is it for companies to adopt AR in their training? Is it the future for everyone?
A: Quite easy! It is already happening in the present for all the companies which involve operations and technology. Geekcamp is a good example of AR adoption. VR/AR/MR helps us improvise, adapt, and overcome the challenges in an increasingly remote-first world! Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss adoption and implementation details

Q: How would you ensure that the VR/AR streams are themselves not hijacked?
A: We'd love to showcase our various technologies at iTrust first-hand in person if it's possible. A brief summary of our various defence mechanisms can be found here - We are trying our best to watch the watchman at iTrust!

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