SEO for business results with WordPress - WordCamp Singapore 2019

Published on: Monday, 19 August 2019

Speaker: Matt Knighton

SEO for business results with WordPress and getting organic traffic. It is still possible to use organic traffic to get results. How do you structure a website to get 100,000 page views per month? How do you make sure you turn traffic into revenue for a WordPress website? What technology works well with WordPress to get great SEO results? Do you want to get great SEO results and grow your business? In this talk, we will discuss how to do that as well as showcase studies of real results. We will cover content, site structure, site speed, AMP and structured data, measurement and Google search console, monitoring and social media automation. With these 7 items, you too will be able to get great results from organic traffic.

About the speaker

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Speaker, Software Developer, Business Analyst and Founder of multiple IT companies. Secondly, I have over 20 years experience in software development. And lastly, I have worked as a business analyst for some of the world’s largest banks and communications organisations. I specialise in maximising the value that businesses can get from their IT. I’m also really interested in making great websites, SEO, virtual reality, video production and online education.

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