Server-side micro frontends - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Herdy Handoko (Standard Chartered Bank)

Herdy works as a Software Engineer at Standard Chartered, helping to deliver wealth management solutions to clients all over the globe. He currently looks after his teams’ DevOps capabilities and contributes to various performance optimisation activities.

In his spare time, Hardy tries to give back to the local tech community by helping to record and publish meetups (as an Engineers.SG volunteer) and is a co-organiser of the Singapore Scala Meetup group. Having had the chance to give talks in various conferences in Asia and Australia, he hopes to be able to continue and share his recent experience in VoxxedDays Singapore.

Outside of work and tech, he enjoys playing sports: soccer and various forms of racquet sports – tennis, badminton, and table tennis especially.

He also thinks that Sunday afternoon naps are just the best.

Server-side micro frontends

This presentation will provide an overview of the microfrontend approach/architecture, and share some learnings from our experience in Standard Chartered Bank.

Microfrontend is an extension of the existing microservice architecture, pushing the concept even further towards the frontend domain. While the prior concept has existed, the evolution of web standards and browser technologies allows for a fresh take on it.

We will start by covering the concepts and principles behind microfrontends: what it is, how it is compared to existing architecture and development approach, and showcase existing adoptions.

Most importantly, we will discuss some of the learnings of a microfrontends implementation in Standard Chartered: what works well, what we felt could have been done differently, and some challenges for the future.

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