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Published on: Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Shared by: Marcia Ong & Vishvesh Suriyanarayanan

The world is missing out on a lot of travellers, and travellers are missing out on a lot of the world, Split makes travel more accessible by enabling travel companies to easily offer instalments as a payment option.

Marcia is an independent learner and tech enthusiast with 3 years of full-stack development experience. His passion lies in building complex products that scale. At age 19, he worked on projects for large organisations such as OCBC and Singapore Institute of Technology. He aims to develop fresh content in the field of software development and artificial intelligence. In his free time, he works on open source utility projects that automate manual workflows and self-learning on the financial markets.

As a software-engineer-turned-product-manager-turned-entrepreneur, Vishโ€™s career has revolved around designing and building products and solutions that aim to solve real-world challenges. He currently leads product and engineering at Split, a young Singapore-born startup that aims to make travel more accessible by enabling travellers to pay for their trips in instalments. Before choosing the shoestring budget life, Vish led a team of software engineers and designers at O2O platform Fave, to develop and launch their FavePay and FaveBiz products. In his free time, he works on IoT projects, mentors young entrepreneurs, and binges on Dragon Ball Z reruns

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Recorded by: Michael

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