SQLView Persistence Library - Singapore Scala Programmers

Published on: Thursday, 15 August 2019

Kate Orcena and Jake Chew

Greenfossil started off as a Java team and considered themselves a proficient Java practitioner. As a lean team, they are always looking for ways to improve their effectiveness in terms of software design, development and maintainability. They were heavily dependent on Hibernate in all of their Java applications. As they transited from Java to Scala, they needed an immediate replacement for Hibernate. Not being able to find a ready solution, they decided to create a new Scala persistence library which would also enable them to migrate existing applications to Scala without migrating the databases. They’ve since developed more features and tweaked it for better performance. They’ll like to take this opportunity to share how the library works and how it benefits them in their development efforts.

About the presenters:
Kate Orcena is a Software Engineer with Greenfossil for over 4 years. She's responsible for the full stack development of several healthcare and social applications in Java and Scala. She is passionate in Web and Scala development and also proficient in database query optimisations.

Jake Chew is a Software Engineer with Greenfossil for more than 3 years and focuses on full stack development. He is proficient with both front end and back end technologies like JS, CSS, Scala and SQL and also takes on DevOps responsibilities.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Scala-Programmers/events/263804864/

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Recorded by Herdy Handoko

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