Test Automation - A Systems Thinking Approach - Agile Singapore Conference 2016

Published on: Monday, 17 October 2016

Speaker: Gerard Meszaros (@gerardmes), CTO @ FeedXL Horse Nutrition

Test automation is a core enabling practice on Agile projects. But test automation is difficult! Most applications are not designed to support easy test automation. Join Gerard as he leads us through applying Systems Thinking to understand why our current way of organizing our team roles and responsibilities may be the root cause of this difficulty and what you can do to address them. (Spoiler alert: the problem is trying to automate tests after the software is built!) He provides examples of good "executable specifications" that can be used to drive both functionality and testability into the application. And he describes the life-cycle of an executable specification starting with a feature idea, progressing through a non-executable example all the way to a satisfied, executable example.

About the speaker

Gerard Meszaros is an independent software development consultant and trainer with 30+ years experience in software and over a decade of experience in agile methods. He started doing eXtreme Programming in 2000 and quickly discovered that close attention to test code craftsmanship was essential to keep the cost of change low. He described his key learnings in his book xUnit Test Patterns – Refactoring Test Code. Since then he has turned his attention to applying the same concepts to organizing the automated acceptance tests as executable examples. He has coached teams and taught courses as far afield as China, India, Japan and Europe. He is also the CTO and Product Owner of FeedXL.com which provides a web-based diet optimization tool for horses.

Slides: http://singapore2016.testautomationpatterns.com/

Event Page: http://2016.agilesingapore.org

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