The FOSS ecosystem and business development in Vietnam - FOSSASIA 2016

Published on: Saturday, 9 April 2016

Speaker: Anh Tuan Truong (VFOSSA)

Talk of 20 minutes

Open Source offers opportunities for collaboration between companies in Vietnam and global enterprises. VFOSSA contributes to a sustainable Open Tech ecosystem involving stakeholders and developer networks in Vietnam and connecting them to the global tech community. During my talk, I will introduce about Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association (VFOSSA), the FOSS ecosystem in Vietnam and more deeply into one of the newest but most active FOSS project, OpenCPS.

About Anh Tuan Truong:

Start working after being graduated since 1995, I have worked as almost roles in software industry, from software developer, team leader, project manager, product manager to general managers like CTO, CIO and Company president. I love the freedom in free and/or open source software so I spend almost my time on working together with friends and colleagues to develop, promote FOSS and FOSS communities more and more. I am currently member of many FOSS communities, domestic as well as international, generic as well as product specific, such as: HanoiLUG, AsiaSource 2, Zimbra, OTRS, Drupal, Fedora, CentOS linux, etc. I am currently Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association Vice President.

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