The Journey through Amateur Radio - Singapore Heritage Festival

Published on: Sunday, 8 May 2016

Speaker: Roland Turner

For a century, amateur radio operators or "hams" have built and operated personal radio stations for recreation, long-distance communication, self-education and public service. A decade ago the hobby appeared to be in terminal decline because of the near-universal availability of mobile Internet and smartphones, while today there are more licensed hams than ever before.

This talk follows one man's journey from talking around the world as a 14-year-old Boy Scout to his current project to bounce radio signals off the moon, describes how the evolution of radio during that time has affected hams, and explores the relationship between the appearance of the maker movement and the resurgence of amateur radio.

About Roland Turner:

Roland wants to live in a world where creating technology is seen as a form of recreation and expression, in addition to its more usual function as a way to earn a living. He is a founding member of HackerspaceSG, co-organiser of FOSSASIA's annual open technology summit, advisor and mentor to multiple startups at JFDI, and Labs Director at TrustSphere where he develops new applications of the company's technology. He learned to solder at age 7, built his first radio transmitter at age 10 and discovered amateur radio at age 14. He's an Australian who has lived in Singapore for 8 years who - when not living, eating and breathing technology - is also an avid dancer and runner.

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