The Revival Of The Mechanical Arts In The Maker Movement - SGGeekGirls

Published on: Monday, 2 March 2015

Speaker: Denisa Kera

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The Maker series highlights women in the technology who are passionate about building and sharing their work.
We kick off the year by inviting Denisa Kera, Assistant Prof at NUS, who is an integral part of the Maker Movement in Asia to talk about her personal journey through various DIY, maker and hacker communities around the world, which transformed her from a philosopher to designer.

About the Speaker:

Denisa Kera is Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore where she is also a fellow of the Asia Research Institute (STS cluster) and Tembusu college.
Her present research brings together history of science, philosophy and design, and combines issues and methodologies from Science Technology Society (STS) studies and interactive media design. She is trying to create design probes and tools for deliberation and public participation in science. She follows and supports science community labs and alternative R&D places (Hackerspaces, FabLabs) across the world with a special focus on DIYbio movements, consumer genomics and various citizen science projects. The ethnographic research of these participative and design oriented forms of R&D is combined with genealogical interest in the origins of tinkering culture in the 16. century mechanical arts, early visions of Academy of sciences and discussions between science and alchemy.
Current design projects focused on food and the use of critical probes to reflect upon issues in food studies: Secret Cooks Club and FoodMatch
Previous design project (2008 – 2010): real time video & heritage (Living Avatars Network: outsourcing experiences in real time), real time video as ethnographic methodology.
Teaching and Research interests in Interactive Media Design, Science and Technology Studies and topics in Digital Culture and Art.

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